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2013 Aldila Catalog Now Available Online


The 2013 Aldila Catalog is now available online.

Northern Trust Open champ captures 1st Tour victory using Aldila’s NV shafts


At the Northern Trust Open, Aldila showed why they are still the #1 graphite shaft on the PGA Tour. “The Hottest Shafts In Golf” played an integral role for the winner and Aldila also captured the driver, wood and hybrid shaft manufacturer counts.

Aldila’s RIP Phenom shaft helps power WGC - HSBC champ to 15th career victory


Powered by the maximum distance and control of Aldila’s RIP Phenom 50 shaft in his driver, the winner of the World Golf Championships – HSBC Champions picked up his 15th win of his professional career and a three year-exemption on the PGA Tour.

Aldila shafts help drive McGladrey Classic winner to first PGA Tour title


Arsenal of Aldila shafts helps drive McGladrey Classic winner to first PGA Tour title

2 Wins on Tour for Players Using Aldila Shafts


Aldila’s RIP Phenom, VooDoo shafts help Champions & PGA Tour champs post 1st Tour wins

‘The Hottest Shafts In Golf’ sweeps shaft manufacturer counts on PGA Tour for 2nd consecutive week

Golf Shaft Equipment Sales & Marketing: Theory is One Thing...


Golf Shaft Equipment Sales & Marketing: Theory is One Thing, Experience is Another
When golf equipment manufacturers first introduced perimeter-weighted club heads, golfers discovered that their bad shots, or misses, were better. Up to that time I had never heard the expression that “your misses would be better.” If anyone had said that to me, I would have thought they were referring to my wife's well-being.

When is it Time to Change to a Lighter or Softer Golf Shaft

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The “softness” or “bow” of a golf shaft is generally dictated by club head speed generated through impact, and the relative stiffness of the shaft. Going lighter with graphite golf shafts should help most every golfer at any age who wants more distance. A lighter graphite golf shaft will enable you to swing smooth to hit it straight; and get maximum distance. If you are on the stronger side and have a fast swing speed, there are long hitters like you who will sacrifice some distance for more control by using a little heavier golf shaft, especially in hybrids.

How Good Golf Equipment can Help Your Game

JC 4 image S Core resized 600

Part 3 of 3 in our Series: “Which Helps Improve Your Game More: Good Instruction or the Newest Golf Equipment”

Technological advances have been made in all 3 of the main components of a golf club: grip, shaft and head. These advances are moving quickly; and leading some golfers to attempt to “buy a better game” rather than “digging it out of the ground” with hard work.

What is Good Golf Instruction?

JC 3 image Instruction resized 600

Part 2 of 3 in our Series: “Which Helps Improve Your Game More: Good Instruction or the Newest Golf Equipment”

In Part 1 of this series I briefly touched on the subject of “What is Good Golf Instruction?” by mentioning many teaching techniques available to today's instructors. I would like to expand on these techniques.

Which Helps To Improve Your Game: Instruction or New Golf Equipment?


The answer to the question of whether good instruction or the newest equipment will improve your golf game the most, depends on each golfer’s personal experience and current skilllevel. An instructor like myself, who does not have a golf equipment retail business, will be tempted to answer that good instruction is more important. A golf retailer with no lesson income would likely say new equipment would help more. And your answer may depend on where you are in your golf learning curve.

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