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Which Helps To Improve Your Game: Instruction or New Golf Equipment?


golf-equipment-shaft-graphiteThe answer to the question of whether good instruction or the newest equipment will improve your golf game the most, depends on each golfer’s personal experience and current skilllevel. An instructor like myself, who does not have a golf equipment retail business, will be tempted to answer that good instruction is more important. A golf retailer with no lesson income would likely say new equipment would help more. And your answer may depend on where you are in your golf learning curve.

It seems to me that lessons are more important for a beginner. If you don’t know how to properly strike a golf ball, equipment can’t help you do that. The best equipment can only do so much. Beginners still need to acquire the necessary golf ball striking skills to reach their personal goals. Conversely, a person whose swing habits are well-engrained could benefit significantly from technology. Regardless of your position in this argument, it probably makes sense that both should be used if economically possible; and you care about getting the most from your game.                                    

What is Good Golf Instruction?

Good golf instruction should be timely. What I mean is; a golfer needs to hear, see or experience the right thing at the right time within their golf development. Correct information can be presented properly; but that does not mean that an individual is ready to receive it at his present skill level, interest or understanding.

Good instruction utilizes every known method for learning. Modeling, coaching, mentoring, learning progressions, shot making stations, custom club fitting, video analysis, learning aids, playing lessons, golf fitness, bio-mechanics, mental conditioning, time management, goal setting and more.

The Newest Golf Equipment

At the very least, you should buy golf equipment that is good enough so that it will not be a negative factor in your shot making ability. Technology has improved where inexpensive equipment can look and even perform reasonably well. Game improvement features such as a more forgiving club head and consistent, durable graphite golf shafts are available in a large majority of clubs in all price ranges.

But be careful, and don’t try to save money if it sacrifices your ability to accomplish the basics of the golf game. I have seen driving range loaner clubs that were so bad the unsuspecting beginner never had much of a chance to hit a decent shot. I can remember small children showing up for group instruction on junior golf day with their dads 2-iron. I spoke to their parents about them needing better fitting equipment, only to hear replies about not wanting to invest in new equipment until they were convinced their child would stick with it. This mindset will almost guarantee failure. I have seen adults make the same mistake with their own golf equipment decisions.

Equipment for both juniors and adults have greatly improved. The light and flexible features of graphite shafts have been a huge improvement for junior golf equipment. I have been especially impressed by the innovations of the number one graphite shaft manufacturer, Aldila. I’ve been in golf for more than 50 years and until recently I had never heard or read about a shaft going from round to oval during a golfers swing. One of the shafts to meet this problem is called the Aldila RIP. The Aldila RIP employs patent-pending technology and exclusive materials to completely transform shaft design from the inside out. The result is a revolutionary shaft with optimum flex and torque characteristics with incredible feel.  In addition, the hoop strength, or cross-sectional stability, of the shaft is also increased to provide greater shaft stability near the club head for maximum shot control. Of the three components; grip, shaft and head; without a doubt the golf shaft is the most dynamic and therefore Aldila provides measurable playing benefits for a wide variety of golfers.

What do you think of this debate? We’d love to hear your thoughts. We will continue this dialogue in Part 2 of this 3 part series, where I will expand on “What is good instruction?”

Aldila’s golf blog is dedicated to bringing you information, news and entertainment about golf and to helping all of us get more enjoyment from the game through golf technology and equipment innovation.

Author Joe CoWhick is a former PGA Head Professional and the founder of Joe CoWhick Golf Innovations, which is dedicated to teaching and improving play in golf. Joe has been part ofvarious PGA sections, including;Iowa,Illinois, Gateway and Metropolitan NY; and he’s given more than 25,000 video lessons in 10 seasons at the world-famousRichard Metz Golf Studio. You can find out more at:


Excellent question and a good discussion topic. As as golf pro and teaching pro I have to take both sides a little. The truth is the answer could be either, or both. The most important element in new equipment is that it be fit to the golfer's swing. How well your equipment fits your strength, body type, athletic ability and golf swing will have a direct affect on how well you swing the clubs or hit the clubs. Just as you would not try to play Ping Pong with a steel ball bearing in place of a Ping Pong ball you wouldn't want a 6 year old trying to hit a standard length blade iron head on an extra stiff steel shaft. Nor would you want a 6' 8" athletic golfer trying to swing a 30 gram graphite shaft iron made for that 6 year old. Depending on the golfer a weight change of 3 or 4 grams can make a difference as can an extra inch of length. Head design also makes a difference. For the vast majority of golfers very small changes to the clubs can change how consistent, how long, and how straight a golfer can hit the ball. Regardless of skill a golfer needs clubs fit to their ability and even a beginner will learn much faster with clubs that give them the maximum ability to swing them properly. Try it for yourself. Go somewhere and try and hit one of the new lightweight 175 gram driver heads on a light weight 45 gram shaft and you will have a hard time not hitting it left or even left to left. Now pick up a regular 200 gram driver head on a 130 gram steel shaft and you might start pushing or push slicing. Somewhere in between is a head and shaft weight that will allow you to swing down the target line with a square face and hit pretty straight shots. 
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