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What is Good Golf Instruction?


Part 2 of 3 in our Series: “Which Helps Improve Your Game More: Good Instruction or the Newest Golf Equipment”

In Part 1 of this series I briefly touched on the subject of “What is Good Golf Instruction?” by mentioning many teaching techniques available to today's instructors. I would like to expand on these techniques.

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Good golf instruction needs to be personalized. Starting out one-on-one is most helpful. Small groups will work after a while and larger groups can follow. It is impossible for a presenter in large group lesson or clinic to benefit every audience member exactly where he or she needs most.

Personalized instruction allows for a good assessment of your present and even past skill levels. The instructor should evaluate your goals and whether your commitment to practice is realistic in order to reach them. A beginner may take little evaluation in order to see what they are lacking. Their goals could also change, up or down, depending on whether their expectations were exceeded or not met. The more advanced the player, the more careful the evaluation and recommended changes should be. A playing lesson and video swing analysis may be in order here.

Good Golf Instruction:

  • Diagnoses

  • Directs

  • Inspires

  • Enlightens

  • Encourages

  • Demonstrates

A good instructor may even refer a student to another specialist. For example, a fitness trainer may be needed to aid in regaining lost agility. Some golf professionals today are becoming certified in that area.

Good golf instruction for beginners or the less skilled should be incremental. It uses a building blocks approach. Golf specific drills intermingled with skill testing to see measured progress and to break the monotony of the drills is helpful for those motivated to engage it.

Bob Toski and Jim Flick have written that it takes ten years to become a good golf instructor. I had been teaching part time like most club pros for twenty seasons and found out that I still had a lot to learn when I began full time teaching using the new technology of video playback, electronic swing analyzers and computer graphics with swing models.

This newest golf technology especially assists the instructor/club fitter in matching the dynamics of club heads, shafts and balls to the individual.

The main reason I wanted to teach full time was to continue to develop a direct feedback training aid system which I began in 1981. While in Florida after the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, the CEO of Golf Around the World told me about such a system already fully developed. See it here:

Please tell us your thoughts on golf instruction versus the newest equipment and which you think helps the most; we’d love to hear from you. We will continue this dialogue in Part 3 of this 3 part series, where I will expand on “How Good Golf Equipment can Help Your Game.”

Aldila’s golf blog is dedicated to bringing you information, news and entertainment about golf and to helping all of us get more enjoyment from the game through golf technology and equipment innovation.

Author Joe CoWhick is a former PGA Head Professional and the founder of Joe CoWhick Golf Innovations, which is dedicated to teaching and improving play in golf. Joe has been part of various PGA sections, including; Iowa, Illinois, Gateway and Metropolitan NY; and he’s given more than 25,000 video lessons in 10 seasons at the world-famous Richard Metz Golf Studio. You can find out more at:


The picture that accompanies this article illustrates an unusual guide or control attached to the grip. How would one go about getting more information on this item?
Posted @ Saturday, September 10, 2011 3:07 PM by John Gust
@John-The aid pictured can be seen on the website mentioned in the above article's signoff statement. Just highlight and click the link. Many top instructors are just beginning to use and sell it.
Posted @ Wednesday, September 14, 2011 12:36 AM by Joe CoWhick
Joe, I have found in over 20 years of practicing that having briefly had your direct instruction and more recently video practice tips was far more important than my equipment.However, I did find my clubs were a half inch too short and the correction was useful.
Posted @ Friday, October 28, 2011 1:08 PM by Maurice Heidish
@Maurice Heidish- My apologies if I should have put you into that length when we were together in the early 90's. Most manufacturers adopted a 1/2 long standard. It is common for Natural Golf and Henry-Griffith to go 2". I have written in an upcoming blog about the first  
change in so-called standard length in 1970 and plan to write an entire blog re that there really are no standards in length, lie and even what designates standard or medium flex.
Posted @ Monday, November 07, 2011 3:24 PM by Joe CoWhick
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