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Aldila Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon America Inc.  Aldila Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of carbon fiber shafts.  Aldila is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of carbon-based composite products and materials used in various end markets. Aldila’s competencies are the development of carbon-based composites and the implementation of manufacturing processes that support the commercialization of these composites. Aldila is a vertically integrated supplier of composites across three primary end markets: carbon-based pre-impregnated composite fibers, graphite golf shafts and archery products.

For more information on the Aldila RIP® Series, VooDooVS Proto™, and NV® shafts, visit Aldila’s Web site www.aldila.com. Follow what’s new on www.Facebook.com/AldilaGolf.

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Mitsubishi Rayon America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. MRA’s business is centered around MMA (methyl methacrylate) and AN (acrylonitrile) business complexes as basic raw materials and finished products. For more information, visit http://www.mrany.com.

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Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation.  MRC’s business is centered around chemical and plastics, fibers, carbon fibers and composite materials, and aqua businesses.  For more information, visithttp://www.mrc.co.jp

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Aldila makes it three in a row by winning wood & hybrid shaft counts at BMW Championship

“The Hottest Shafts In Golf” captures wood & hybrid shaft manufacturer counts on Nationwide Tour

describe the imageAs the field narrows in the PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedExCup from 140 to 30 players, one thing remains constant; Aldila (www.aldila.com) continues to be the #1 graphite golf shaft of choice.

At the BMW Championship this past weekend, Aldila won both the wood and hybrid shaft manufacturer counts, according to the Darrell Survey. With the double count win, Aldila has captured both the wood and hybrid shaft counts at all three FedExCup Playoff events and 31 of the past 35 PGA Tour events this season.

“We are extremely pleased that the top players on the PGA Tour continue to trust Aldila’s leading shaft technology,” said Stewart Bahl, Aldila’s Marketing Manager. “Each of Aldila’s three patented shaft design technologies, RIP®, S-core and MLT, offers players of all abilities optimum performance to maximize the potential of their individual swings. Reverse Interlaminar Placement Technology (RIP) transforms the shaft from the inside out providing players with shot control.

RIP shafts offer golfers lower torque, increased tip stability and better tip stiffness control. Aldila’s S-core Technology™ (S-core) provides the golfer with stability through an innovative design incorporating a one-piece carbon fiber rib system. This helps the shaft stay more concentric during the golf swing thereby transferring maximum energy. Aldila’s Micro Laminate Technology (MLT) is designed using ultra thin layers of premium aerospace graphite that are matched with a proprietary thin profile shaft design that eliminate ‘dead zones’ in the shaft for precise feel.”

The RIP golf shaft was instrumental for the longest driver at the BMW Championship. Using Aldila RIP shaft he finished with an overall average driving distance of 323.8 yards, which was considerably longer than the Field’s average of 295.7 yards.

At the Albertson’s Boise Open on the Nationwide Tour, “The Hottest Shafts In Golf” also won both the wood and hybrid shaft manufacturer counts.

Aldila’s patented shaft design technologies provide the perfect balance of applied art and engineering. They are continually on the leading edge of the golf world through their relentless pursuit of the next best innovation. They do the experimenting so you don’t have to. Pushing success to the edge and redefining how power should feel. Are you playing Aldila, or just graphite?

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