Rogue® Elite Green

The Rogue® Elite features the same innovative design and graphitic carbon material technology that made the ALDILA® Rogue® the leading shaft on the PGA TOUR® with a major difference. All Rogue® Elite’s feature the ALDILA®’s Tru-Fit™ System. Each shaft design is digitally measured in 3 separate flex zones to identify the tip-flex, mid-flex, and butt-flex. Thereby, allowing you to better fit your customer while offering a point of differentiation from other shafts available. The Rogue® Elite Series is only available through professional club builders.

The Rogue® Elite Green is a Low Launch and Low Spin profile.


We recommend trimming the driver shaft to length from the butt.  Tip fairway woods 1″, then trim to length from the butt.  For hosels with bore-depths greater than 2″, we recommend blind-boring the shaft in the hosel 1 3/4″.