The new ALDILA® SYNERGY® Series – based on one of our most successful profiles ever developed – ALDILA® Tour Blue – with one major difference. The addition of Graphene enhanced epoxy resin to provide our most innovative and stable design yet.

What is Graphene?
In its purest state, Graphene is 100% carbon – which can be up to 300 times stronger than structural steel and 20 times stronger than graphite fibers. Graphene material is processed and formed into multi-layer nano-scopic platelets. These Graphene platelets are then added to different resin systems to fortify and strengthen the prepreg material used in golf shafts.

The SYNERGY® Series, with its constant taper design, smooth balanced profile, and a Graphene fortified tip-section provides both exceptional feel and a smooth, controlled release all the while delivering unparalleled stability through the lower third of the shaft.

The SYNERGY® Series – A synergy of two forms of carbon, graphite fibers and Graphene platelets, coming together to deliver a shaft with superior stiffness, strength, and performance.

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