ROGUE® Series

Defying Convention


ROGUE® Black Series

  • ROGUE® Black 130 M.S.I. Click here for your chance to win an ASCENT or ASCENT Ultralight Shaft. The ALDILA® ROGUE® offers unmatched performance and consistency through the use of advanced, extremely high modulus, Graphitic Carbon Fibers that provide performance characteristics never before available in a golf shaft. Building off the success of the ROGUE® BLACK 110 M.S.I. Limited Edition which featured 110 M.S.I. Graphitic Carbon Fiber, we have taken ROGUE® performance to another level by incorporating even stronger 130 M.S.I. Graphitic Carbon Fiber. The ROGUE® Black 130 M.S.I. is a mid-high launch, mid spin shaft with a reinforced tip-section fortified with 130 M.S.I. Graphitic Carbon Fiber and a higher-balance point.

ROGUE® Silver Series

  • 2nd Gen. ROGUE® Silver 110 M.S.I The 2nd Generation ROGUE® Silver 110 M.S.I. Series uses advanced aerospace material, in a unique design, to provide golfers with the superior performance and consistency that the ROGUE® family of shafts has built its reputation on. A stiff tip profile generates the Mid/Low Launch, Mid/Low Spin launch characteristics that the ROGUE® Silver 110 M.S.I. shafts are renowned for. Combining matte and gloss finished give the 2nd Generation ROGUE® Silver 110 M.S.I. a premium look to match its performance.


  • ROGUE® ∞ THE RETURN OF ROGUE®. ALDILA’s iconic ROGUE family returns with ROGUE® ∞. The most successful shaft family in the rich history of ALDILA, ROGUE boasts more than 70 worldwide professional wins. ROGUE® ∞ cements the family as ALDILA’s cornerstone product of the past and present and an exciting part of its future. The new ROGUE® ∞ is an extremely counterbalanced shaft but also its best feeling, attributable to ALDILA’s all-new innovative Dual Torque Core. The torque core is the most important part of the shaft in determining how the shaft feels as it is directly responsible for the transmission of vibrations from impact into the golfer’s hands. By incorporating 80-Ton Pitch Fiber full-length in the torque core and 46-Ton Pitch Fiber in the shaft’s angle plies, ALDILA created a dual layered core – the Dual Torque Core – to drive down torque while creating an extremely counterbalanced shaft that still feels smooth and active in the handle. This improvement in the torque core, coupled with the strong counterbalance creates tighter dispersion, better consistency swing-to-swing and increased club head speed to help make the golfer faster, consistently. ROGUE® ∞ was designed with an innovative cosmetic incorporating matte black paint fading into a super-premium ion plated tip section.

ROGUE® Black Series Hybrids

  • ROGUE® Black Hybrid The new ROGUE® Black hybrid (a workable, Mid/High launching, Mid Spinning shaft) is designed to complement the recently released ROGUE® Black 130 M.S.I. series of wood shafts. Using  our Next Gen. Mircolaminate Technology® our engineers are able to fine tune the feel and performance, and produce a hybrid shaft that lives up to the legacy of the ROGUE® brand. Being offered in weights and flexes ranging from 70 TR-flex to 90 TX-flex, the ROGUE® Black hybrid allows golfer to create a consistent set of woods and hybrids. The New ROGUE® Black Hybrid is best for the golfer who is looking for a shaft that allows them to shape their shot, and is Mid/High launching, Mid Spinning to maximize distance while still being able to hold greens.