Our Advantage

Our Advantage

ALDILA® has been a world-leading producer of composite golf shafts since 1972. That’s almost 50 years of earned expertise in the design, development, and launch of some of the most respected brands and shafts in the game — many of which have been played by the world’s best golfers and validated by marquee wins.

Additionally, we now leverage Mitsubishi Chemical’s global resources, which include all of the critical raw materials that make up the golf shaft including the monomer, acrylic fiber, carbon fiber, resin, and prepreg. This vertical integration advantage means we can leverage our parent company’s strength to make virtually any combination of resins and fibers required to optimize a golf shaft's design and performance.

At ALDILA, we are driven by performance.

Stronger at the Core

Our ability to make any composition of resin or fiber and combine them into our own prepreg sets us apart from the competition. The majority of our competitors work with a relatively limited list of raw materials from a finite number of available suppliers. They typically purchase stock prepreg, which can require designs to be adjusted to the limitations of the available materials.

All the following are developed and manufactured in-house by our parent company:


  • Monomers

    Basic raw materials consisting of simple molecular structures (monomers) are combined to produce Acrylonitrile (AN). AN is then polymerized to form polyacrylonitrile (PAN). Mitsubishi Chemical uses the highest grade materials available to create AN and PAN.

  • Precursor

    A solution of PAN is then spun into precursor. The process of creating precursor heavily influences the quality and consistency of the carbon fiber. It is a process in which Mitsubishi Chemical has refined and perfected over the past 60-years.

  • Carbon Fiber

    Precursor is oxidized and carbonized in ovens to produce carbon fiber. Mitsubishi Chemical produces carbon fiber for a variety of different applications and is one of the largest manufacturers of carbon fiber in the world.

  • Resins

    Mitsubishi Chemical has developed many different resin systems that posses a variety of mechanical properties (e.g. high-heat resistance, strength, toughness).

  • Prepreg

    Carbon fibers are impregnated with resin to produce ready-to-mold material in sheet form. Mitsubishi Chemical produces a variety of different types of prepreg for many different applications (e.g. aerospace, sporting goods, etc.).