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function hasClass(element, className) { return (' ' + element.className).indexOf(' ' + className) > -1; } function toggle(className, displayState){ var elements = document.getElementsByClassName('shaft') for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++){ if (hasClass(elements[i],document.getElementById('brand').value) && hasClass(elements[i],document.getElementById('type').value) && hasClass(elements[i],document.getElementById('partner').value)) { elements[i].style.visibility= 'visible'; } else { elements[i].style.visibility= 'collapse'; } } } table {border:1px solid #EBEBEB} tr {width:100%;} .shaft {visibility:visible;} td {padding:1em; font-size:80%; border:1px solid #EBEBEB; text-align:center; vertical-align:middle} td a {color:#777777 !important; border-bottom:1px dotted #777777 !important} select {background-color:#555555; padding:5px; border:1px solid #999999; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase} Welcome to the ALDILA Shaft OEM Partner Index. We're proud to work with the best names in golf. Please find a list of our most recent partner shaft models, sortable by product type and partner brand. Choose type or filter in drop-down then click on product name to access original product page, specifications, and available materials. Shafts older than 3 years are accessible in our Shaft Archive section. All TypesWoodsHybridsIronsOther All Brands ASCENT ROGUE Kuro Kage NV Model Shaft Profile All Partners Callaway Cobra Mizuno PING PXG Taylormade Titleist TourEdge Wilson Various WoodASCENT UltralightASCENT™ Ultralight WoodHigh Launch/Mid-High SpinVarious HybridASCENT UltralightUltralight HybridHigh Launch/Mid-High SpinVarious WoodASCENTREDMid Launch/Mid-Low SpinMizuno WoodNV/NVSWoodVariousPXG WoodROGUEWhite 130 M.S.I.Mid Launch/Low SpinVarious WoodROGUESilver 110 M.S.I.Mid-Low Launch/Mid-Low SpinVarious WoodROGUEBlack HybridMid Launch/Mid SpinPING WoodQuarantaBlueMid Launch/Mid SpinWilson WoodQuarantaBlue-Wilson For press inquires, technical data, or more information on partner program shafts not listed on this page, please click here or call 760.929.0001 to contact the ALDILA team.

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