Who We Are

The Industry Original

Aldila is an Italian word meaning ‘far beyond’ and to this day, we pour that spirit into everything we do. Our meticulously constructed, timeless, graphite golf shafts are as loved by passionate amateurs as they are by the world’s greatest professional golfers.

Established in San Diego in 1972, Aldila was founded by visionary and master tinkerer Jim Flood - a man who has been described as ‘the Thomas Edison of modern golf’. Inspired by the graphite composite wings of the F-111 fighter plane, the Aldila team invented the carbon fiber golf shaft - strong, flexible and incredibly light - in serious contrast to the heavy steel golf shafts of the day. We have been crafting shafts of ingenuity, distinction and quality ever since.

Now part of the MCA family, the Aldila range of shafts benefits from access to the premium research, materials and expertise of the Mitsubishi team.

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