For shaft obsessed golf gearheads like me, it seems almost impossible that its been 5-years since Aldila launched the original Rogue (the Rogue Silver 125) on tour. 31 wins including 3 Majors later, it’s being replaced, or more accurately, upgraded. It’s been a hell of a run.

Given how reticent tour players can be to change anything in their bag, it’s fair to describe Rogue’s rise as meteoric. As the popularity of the 125 increased on tour, the Rogue Silver 110 and Rogue Black 95 quickly became fixtures in several OEM stock lineups. At Rogue’s peak, between the silvers, blacks, blues, and greens, if you didn’t have a Rogue in your bag, you almost certainly played with someone who did. As with most any shaft that succeeds both on tour and in retail lineups, as the popularity grew, it became more difficult for consumers to differentiate between aftermarket and OEM models.

With Aldila now fully integrated under the Mitsubishi Chemical umbrella, and fully able to leverage the material capabilities of its parent company, the new Rogue offers Aldila the opportunity to relaunch one of the most popular shaft labels in recent memory...


Tony Covey, Editor