ALDILA® Debuts ROGUE® Silver 130 M.S.I.

Carlsbad, CA (June 1, 2018) -- ALDILA® has introduced the lower-launching, lower-spinning ROGUE® Silver 130 M.S.I. golf shaft, that builds off of the original ROGUE® Silver 125 M.S.I. profile.

The ROGUE® Series continues to design and deliver unmatched performance and consistency through the use of advanced, rare and extremely exotic aerospace materials - since its initial profile release in 2013. The result has earned the ROGUE® brand 31 wins and three Major victories, making it one of the most successful and recognizable shaft brands to date.

The new ROGUE® Silver 130 M.S.I. features the same tapered butt / counter-balanced design as the original but has a slightly lower torque as a result of its use of a stronger 130 M.S.I. carbon fiber material. In fact, it is the strongest material in any ROGUE® shaft to date.

Like its predecessor, the ROGUE® Silver 130 M.S.I. taps into ALDILA®’s state-of-the-art technology and innovations, including NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT) - that utilizes ultra-thin layers of premium aerospace-grade materials to eliminate inconsistent shots caused by shaft variability, while enhancing feel; and DIALEAD® Pitch Fiber - a specialized carbon fiber material known for its outstanding strength and energy transfer properties, which helps minimize unwanted shaft deformation throughout the golf swing.

“We have taken one of golf’s most success brands - ROGUE®, and feedback from the best players in the world to create a next generation profile that will take performance to another level,” says Scott Kraul, Tour Representative. “We have strengthened and stiffened the area underneath the grip and decreased the torque, to enhance control and feel, using the highest-performing, highest-modulus carbon fiber material available.”

The ROGUE® Silver 130 M.S.I. is the newest offering in next generation series of ROGUE® that will redefine performance and innovation.

Who’s it best for

Stronger and better players seeking more stability and control in their woods.

Pricing & Availability

The new ALDILA® ROGUE® Silver 130 M.S.I. will be available in October 1, 2018 through ALDILA® authorized retailers and dealers nationwide and has a suggested retail price of $450 USD.

ROGUE® Silver 130 M.S.I. 60 (TR, TS, TX)
ROGUE® Silver 130 M.S.I. 70 (TS, TX)
ROGUE® Silver 130 M.S.I. 80 (TX) 

About Us

ALDILA®, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, dedicated to designing and developing high performance composite golf shafts for discerning golfers everywhere. ALDILA® leverages the vertically integrated resources of its parent company, which gives it a competitive advantage. Over the years, it has been a leading supplier of premium composite golf shafts worldwide. With many of the world's best players using its golf shafts, ALDILA® has established itself as a leading force in the golf industry.

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