Why Get Fit?

Why is it Important to Get a Custom Fit Golf Shaft?

There is no one swing is the same, so why not maximize your performance with equipment that fits your individual swing the best? The shaft is the engine of the golf club and getting fit for the proper shafts will help dial in launch and spin to maximize your ball flight and create more distance and accuracy. There is a reason the best players in the world are constantly getting fit for their equipment. We all want to shoot lower scores and getting custom fit will provide the best opportunity to do  just that. Make the game more enjoyable and get fit. 

Simply stated: Why change your swing to fit a shaft when there is a shaft designed to fit your swing?

Why Should I Upgrade My Driver Shaft?

The best players in the world get fit for a driver shaft that maximizes their performance, so why shouldn’t you? The correct shaft can accomplish distance and accuracy by optimizing your ball flight characteristics based on your swing.  By finding a shaft that matches your swing,  it can increase your swing speed, create consistent impact, maximize energy transfer and create the perfect relationship between launch angle and spin rate.  Hitting it further and straighter will not only improve your scoring but will make the game a lot more enjoyable. So do what the best players in the world do and get fit with the right Aldila driver shaft for you.

Why Should I Upgrade My Iron Shafts?

Dialing in launch angle, spin rate and consistent playability with your irons is just as important as getting fit for your driver shaft. Proper launch angle and spin rates with your irons allow you to hold the greens, as well as create better distance control. Technology is allowing manufactures to create stronger lofts, so it is even more imperative in today’s day and age to get those shafts fit to maximize your ball flight. Launch angle, decent angle, and spin rates when maximized will allow you to hit more greens and narrow your distance from the hole creating better opportunities to make putts; which in turn will help you lower your score.