ASCENT™ Ultralight Hybrid

High Launch / Mid-High Spin

ASCENT™ Ultralight Hybrids take our FlyDrive™ Technology and integrate it into high performance ultralight hybrids that are designed to compliment the look, feel and performance of the all new ASCENT™ Ultralight Wood shafts.

For additional information on the ASCENT™ family of shafts, Focused Mass Technology, and FlyDrive, click here.

  • Specifications
    Shaft NameFlexLength (in)Weight (g)Tip O.D. (in)Tip Length (in)Butt O.D. (in)Torque (degrees)Kick Pt.
    ASCENT™ Ultralight Hybrid 40R342.0440.374.00.5845.0LOW
    ASCENT™ Ultralight Hybrid 50R242.0540.374.00.5944.5LOW
    ASCENT™ Ultralight Hybrid 50R42.0550.374.00.5984.1LOW
    ASCENT™ Ultralight Hybrid 50S42.0590.374.00.6004.0LOW
  • Technology

    FlyDrive™ Technology

    FlyDrive™ Technology, a new application which utilizes a Visco-Elastic Isolation Layer (VEIL) to improve the stability, feel and peripheral strength of thin-walled shafts with little added weight or thickness.
  • Fitting
    Driver Speed (mph)/Driver Carry (yds)<80/<21081-90/210-23091-105/241-259>106/>260
    ASCENT™ Ultralight 40R3
    ASCENT™ Ultralight 50R2RS
  • Tip Trimming Information