NV® 2KXV Green Hybrid

Low Launch and Low Spin

This hybrid profile is designed to match the performance characteristics of the high-performing and lower launching NV® Green woods.

  • Specifications
    NV® 2KXV® Green Hybrid 85R42.0850.3703.00.6403.0MID/HIGHPARALLELG
    NV® 2KXV® Green Hybrid 85S42.0860.3703.00.6402.6MID/HIGHPARALLELG
    NV® 2KXV® Green Hybrid 85X42.0870.3703.00.6452.2MID/HIGHPARALLELG
  • Technology

    NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT)

    ALDILA®’s NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT) utilizes ultra-thin layers of premium aerospace-grade materials. Shafts with MLT use up to twice as many prepreg plies as alternative shafts, producing a stable, solid laminate void of “dead zones”. This design revolution eliminates inconsistent shots caused by shaft variability, while enhancing feel.

  • Fitting
    Driver Speed (mph)/Driver Carry (yds)80/21081-90/210-23991-105/240-259106+/260+
    NV® 2KXV Green Hybrid 85RSX
  • Tip Trimming Information
    Trim CodeProcedure
    ATrim to length from butt end.
    BTip Trim in 1/2" increments (3-PW).
    CTip Trim in 1/2" increments (3W-7W).
    DTip Trim Driver 2", 3W 2-1/2", 4W 3", 5W-7W 3-1/2".
    ETip Trim 2", then 1/2" increments (3-PW).
    FNo Tip Trim for Driver. Trim to length from butt end. Tip Trim Fairway Woods 1", then to length from butt end.
    GTip Trim 2H-3H 0", 4H 1/2", 5H and below 1"
  • Media