NVS Hybrid

ORANGE - High Launch, Mid/High Spin

Since debuting in early 2003, ALDILA’s NV and NVS wood shafts have grown into some of the most trusted golf shafts in the industry. The wood shafts were so successful that we needed to design hybrid profiles to match the performance of the wood shafts as closely as possible. ALDILA NVS Orange hybrid shafts seamlessly carry the feel from the NVS Orange wood shafts into hybrids.

At long last, ALDILA NVS Orange hybrid shafts have been cosmetically refreshed. For 2023, they will feature a sporty, modern new look – but not to worry – the high strength fibers used in the structure and technology platform ensure golfers still receive the stable, reliable, consistent, low-launch low-spin performance that NVS Orange hybrid shafts have provided for two decades.

The new NVS Orange hybrid features the same constant taper design to a smooth and stable feel shot after shot. The next generation NVS also incorporates ALDILA®’s NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT) - which uses more than 20 layers of ultrathin, aerospace-grade prepreg, that eliminate unwanted gaps and “dead zones” that can occur during the manufacturing process. MLT enhances feel and reduces inconsistent shots cause by shaft variability.

Who it’s best for? ALDILA NVS Orange hybrid shafts are best for golfers looking for an upgraded high-high hybrid aftermarket shaft that doesn’t break the bank.

  • Specifications
    Shaft NameFlexLength (in)Weight (g)Tip O.D. (in)Tip Length (in)Butt O.D. (in)Torque (degrees)Kick Pt.
    NVS Orange Hybrid 85R428030.370.6252.7MID
    NVS Orange Hybrid 85S428330.370.6252.7MID
  • Technology

    NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT)

    ALDILA®’s NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT) utilizes ultra-thin layers of premium aerospace-grade materials. Shafts with MLT use up to twice as many prepreg plies as alternative shafts, producing a stable, solid laminate void of “dead zones”. This design revolution eliminates inconsistent shots caused by shaft variability, while enhancing feel.

  • Fitting
    Driver Speed (mph)/Driver Carry (yds)80/21081-90/210-23991-105/240-259106+/260+
    NVS Orange Hybrid 85 NXTRS
  • Tip Trimming Information
    Trim CodeProcedure
    ATrim to length from butt end.
    BTip Trim in 1/2" increments (3-PW).
    CTip Trim in 1/2" increments (3W-7W).
    DTip Trim Driver 2", 3W 2-1/2", 4W 3", 5W-7W 3-1/2".
    ETip Trim 2", then 1/2" increments (3-PW).
    FNo Tip Trim for Driver. Trim to length from butt end. Tip Trim Fairway Woods 1", then to length from butt end.
    GTip Trim 2H-3H 0", 4H 1/2", 5H and below 1"